Advance POS Management Software

Advance POS Management Software



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Product Description

Product Features
·         Dashboard
·         Products
o   List Products
o   Add Product
o   Import Products
o   Print Barcode/Label
o   Quantity Adjustments
o   Add Adjustment
o   Stock Counts
o   Count Stock
·         Sales         
o   List Sales
o   POS Sales
o   Add Sale
o   Add Sale by CSV
o   Deliveries
o   List git cards
·         Quotations
o   List Quotation
o   Add Quotation
·         Purchases
o   List Purchases
o   Add Purchases
o   Add purchases by CSV
o   List Expense
o   Add Expense
·         Transfers
o    List Transfers
o   Add Transfer
o   Add Transfer By CSV
·         People
o   List Users
o   Add User
o   List Billers
o   Add Biller
o   List Customers
o   Add Customer
o   List Supplier
o   Add Supplier
o   Notifications
·         Settings
o   System Settings
o   POS Settings
o   List Printers
o   Add Printer
o   Change Logo
o   Currencies
o   Customer Groups
o   Price Groups
o   Categories
o   Expense Categories
o   Units
o   Brands
o   Variants
o   Tax rates
o   Warehouses
o   Email Templates
o   Group Permissions
o   Backups
o   Updates
·         Reports
o   Overview Chart
o   Warehouse Stock Chart
o   Best Sellers
o   Register Report
o   Product Quantity Alerts
o   Products Report
o   Adjustments Report
o   Categories Report
o   Brands Report
o   Daily Sales
o   Monthly Sales
o   Sales Report
o   Payments Report
o   Profit and/ or loss
o   Daily Purchases
o   Monthly Purchases
o   Purchases Report
o   Expenses Report

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