E-Shop Management Software

E-Shop Management Software

Product Description

E-Shop is the conducting of business on the Internet, not only buying and selling but also servicing customers and collaborating with business partners. The processes and tools that allow an organization to use Internet-based technologies and infrastructure, both internally and externally, to conduct day to day business process operations. Stands for electronic business and refers to any kind of sales, services, purchasing or commerce on the Internet. A new-tech jargon word used more for marketing than for technical description. Most commonly it broadly refers to conducting business over the Internet (email and web) by communicating and perhaps transacting (buying and selling) with customers, suppliers, and business partners.

Product Features



Username- test@test.com
Password- 123456
·         Dashboard
·         Invoice
o   New Invoice
o   Manage Invoice
·         POS Invoice          
o   Create invoice
o   All Invoice
o   Processing Order
o   Pending Shipment
o   Delivered Order
o   Quotation
o   All Quotation
·         Quotation
o   New Quotation
o   Manage Quotation
·         Order
o   New Order
o   Manage Order
·         Product
o   Add Product
o   Import Product(CSV)
o   Manage Product
o   Product Ledger
·         Customer
o   Add Customer
o   Manage Customer
o   Customer Ledger
·         Supplier
o   Add Supplier
o   Manage Supplier
o   Supplier Ledger
·         Purchase
o   Add Purchase
o   Manage Purchase
·         Payroll
o   Make Payment
o   List Payment
·         Category
o   Add Category
o   Import Category(CSV)
o   Manage Category
·         Brand
o   Add Brand
o   Manage Brand
·         Terminal
o   Add Terminal
o   Manage Terminal
·          Variant
o   Add Variant
o   Manage Variant
·         Unit
o   Add Unit
o   Manage Unit
·         Gallery
o   Add Image
o   Manage Image
·         Tax
o   Tax Product Service
o   Manage Product Tax
o   Tax Setting
·         Currency
o   Add Currency
o   Manage Currency
·         Store
o   Store Add
o   Import Store
o   Manage Store
o   Store Transfer
o   Manage Store Product
·         Warehouse
o   Warehouse Add
o   Import Warehouse (CSV)
o   Manage Warehouse
o   Warehouse Transfer
o   Manage Wearhouse Product
·         Stock
o   Stock Report
o   Stock Report (Supplier Wise)

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