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Product Description

E-Learning courses are changing the face of education. There are many e-learning websites on the internet offering courses and certifications online. Websites are most certainly the powerful bridge between the students and these online courses. After all, a website is the first and in this case, almost every point of contact between them. Today, 82 percent of colleges and universities offer several courses online in order to try and provide a transformational opportunity for students who can’t spend six to eight hours a day in a lecture hall.
For the past few years, e-learning has become a standard way of learning either with the combination of online and face-to-face approaches or as an independent, fully functional method.
Product Features
·         Dashboard
·         Categories
·         Courses    
o   Pending Courses
o   Active Courses
·         Students
·         Enrollment
o   Enroll History
o   Enroll A Student
·         Report
o    Admin Revenue
o   Instructor Revenue
·         Message
·         Settings
o   System Settings
o   Frontend Settings
o   Instructor Settings
o   Payment Settings
o   Manage Language

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