Pharmacy Management Software

             Pharmacy Management System



Username- admin
Password- admin123
Product Description
Product Features
·         Dashboard
·         Supplier Management
o   Add Supplier
o   Supplier List
·         Product Management
o    Add Brand
o   Brand List
o   Add Manufacturer
o   Manufacture List
o   Add Product
o   Product List
·         Purchase Management
o    Add Purchase
o    Purchase List
·         Customer Management
o     Add Customer
o     Customer List   
·         Sales Management
o   Add Sales
o   Sales List
·         Outstanding Manage
o    Purchase Outstanding
o    Sales Outstanding
·         Return Management
o   Add Purchase Return
o   Purchase Return List
o   Add Sales Return
o   Sales Returns List
·         Warehouse Management
o      Available Stock
·         SMS management
o   Write SMS
o   Sent SMS
·         Report Management
o   Purchase Report
o   Sales Report
o   Stock Report
o   Customer Report
o   Payment Report
o   Statement Report
·         Excel Management
o    Purchase Report Download
o   Sales Report Download
·         Database Backup
o     Database Backup
·         Setting Management
o    Setting

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