E-Office Management Software

E-office Management Software



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Product Features

The office management system was designed to require even the foremost disorganized office and facilitate it to run swimmingly. Even offices that appear to run swimmingly will reap structure rewards from utilizing a software system package to manage their day to day considerations. As more and more additional forms of business are turning to computer automation, several specialized choices have emerged onto the market.
Specialized software for any company and the productive sector. All Industries. Real-Time Management. Easy to use.

Product Description
o   Dashboard
§  Mailbox
§  Inbox
§  Sent Item
o   Sales   
o   Create invoice
o   All Invoice
o   Processing Order
o   Pending Shipment
o   Delivered Order
o   Quotation
o   All Quotation
o   Purchase
o   New Purchase
o   Purchase List
o   Received Product
o   Trader
o   Customer
o   Vendor
o   Product and Services
§  Product List
o   Import Product
o   Category
o   Depreciation
o   Add Asset
o   Assets List
o   Transaction
o   Add Transaction
o   Transactions List
o   Chart Of Accounts
o   Income Categories
o   Expense Categories
o   Employee
§  Add Employee
§  Import Employee
§  Employee List
§  Terminated Employee
§  Employee award
§  Set attendance
§  Import Attendance
§  Attendance Report
§  Application List
o   Payroll
§  Make Payment
§  List Payment
o   Reports
o   Notice Board
§  Add Notice
§  Manage Notice
o   Admin User
§  Manage user
§  Create User
o   Office Settings
§  Department
§  Job Titles
§  Job Categories
§  Work Shifts
§  Working Days
§  Holiday List
§  Leave Type
§  Pay Grades
§  Salary Component
§  Employment Status
§  Tax
o   Settings

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