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Q. What are your offer packages?
Ans. You will get Price as per offer listed in our Website + Taxes Applicable and File you will Get JPG, PDF, PNG & EPS or AI Format files on a purchase of our Items.
Q. Is it unique and with my own copyrights?
Ans. Yes, thousands of graphic designers sell their unique works and content in terms of 2D logos and 3D logos on our website. Once the author sold it to you, the copyright will be yours for the logo to use in your own website and other places of requirement, however, Businessea site can’t guarantee you completely in a case where a copy of this kind of logo is or will not be available in the vast internet – but most authors on our websites agreed to remove the same logo from all the sites they have displayed and we take all precautionary measures possible to avoid such situations to ensure your rights. From our own site, we will be removing the same Logo for sale within 48 hours and the author will get intimation to remove the logo from all the sites where he has displayed for sale.
Q. How can I Order?
Ans. You can place order or purchase via online here on our website or can send mail to place an order. Once we receive your inquiry or order – as per process against payment we can send you the downloadable file or link within 24 hours if you could not download the file from our website. You may contact us for resending the files in case you could not download it. You have to share your correct domain/business name and punch line if/any and the position of the lines you want to have on the logo – that will be free for 1 time.
Q. Is it a limited period Offer?
Ans: Yes! All offers are for a limited period only. Offer as the logos are getting prepared by professional graphic designers in the world and originally we sell it at INR 2000 or 30 USD.
 Q. How can I choose the logos?
Ans. You can go thru our website and choose or ask a list from our campaign managers or from our authorized resellers – they can share a list of logos with you as per your business model for selecting the best out of those.
Q. Can I change the designs of the logos while ordering?
 Ans. You can ask for a change – we can modify the basic lines and edges as per your wish or change the color for once with this offer price. Otherwise, you can be quoted a different price depending upon the difficulty level of the work and time. But it will be charged very reasonably.
Q. How does payment work?
Ans. The payment process will be handled by HDFC BANK. This ensures secure and easy payment. You can pay by Bank transfer, Paytm, Google pay, Credit Card, HDFC payment gateway on our site or PayPal.
Q. Can I create logos?
Ans. On our partner website you can design logos, this is under progress and save as many logos as you wish! However, if you want to use those logos, you can choose between our packages the one that would fit you the best!
Q. Can I get a refund?
Ans. Your satisfaction with our products is important to us. However, because our products are digital goods delivered by Internet download we generally offer no refunds.
Q. After I buy my logo, will other people be able to use the same design with little change on it?
Ans. We currently offer a lot of customization on our product, which reduces the chances to least that people can have an identical design. Still, we cannot make sure that no one will have a similar kind of design as you bought. However, we will remove that item from our website.
However, that's more reasons to use our website tools to make your logo as personalized as it can get!
Q. Am I allowed to use the generated graphics for free?
Ans. No. You must obtain a license by purchasing the logo. We make backups of all generated logos and regularly check whether they appear anywhere on the internet

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