Item Support service policy
On site , which is a wholly owned brand of Jagluck services pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India.
We will be referring the item or product “sellers” in this policy in various synonyms such as  ‘authors’, ‘copyright owners’, ‘producers’, ‘creators’ or ‘reseller licence holders’ or licence holders of the products who can modify the item and sale online legally.
We will be using ‘you’ or ‘your’ which will be referring to the “user” or “buyer” of the item from Businessea.
This policy terms is an agreement in between the Seller and the buyer.
Our 1st part of the Item support service policy is not meant for digital products like Images, logos and videos.
Most of the item owners provide time based support service to their products, where some comes for free and some comes as paid. has online support communication system. This eases out the issues of the buyer in after sales service requirements.
If you opted for the free service made available from the seller, then seller agreed for providing you an item support service for 6 months from the date of purchase, which may or may not include the installation service.
All supporting documentation such as FAQ's, installation process , licence to use, terms of use etc. you can get from the documentation files inside the downloaded folder. So you can find all the answers you are searching for.