Seller Policy

1. Happy to see your interest in becoming a proud contributor in the displaying your products for sale being an author, producer, authorised reseller, licence holder.
3. We agree to publish your products after you agreed to our marketing terms and condition. Which takes care of our rights, license conditions and obligations as authors and as publishers.
Before publishing your item for sale to buyers, please spare time to review these seller terms carefully.
3. When we say ‘you’ or ‘your’ in these terms & conditions clauses, we refer it as you as the author/producer/copyright owner of the items listed in Businessea website and its subsidiary websites.When we say our websites or platform which means we refer to is a wholly owned brand and websites of Jagluck Services pvt. Ltd.
5. We mention in details here as what are your responsibilities, in the process of selling your items on our market place is a wholly owned brands of Jagluck services pvt ltd.
Becoming aseller
6. Seller : Becoming a seller by putting your items up on our websites is free. We review the items, rights, functionality before publishing it on our websites.
7. Pricing mechanism
  1. License: When you ‘sell’ an item, you’re giving your customer rights to use or rights to resell or rights to modify. So you can choose the relevant rights to use license options for the customers. Go to licence page for more details.
  2. Service: You can take an option whether or not to provide service the items you display for selling. For a service period free/paid you can choose support extension options. Please go to service policy for more details.
  3. Price: You can fix the product price with rights to use category (license) fee and the item service extension fee. You can choose to other relevant charges mentioned separately. There may be a minimum price setting to various categories of products.
  4. Installation : You can add installation services for free or chargeable in every case
  5. Taxes: Some transactions may be subject to tax as applicable that may be added to the price.
11. Seller margin: When one of your item is sold on our website, you will earn the item price after we deduct our platform charges. Price table is annexed which we may change at our discretion without prior notice. However we will keep you posted over your communication address from time to time.
13. Review: We have rules about what we accept and don’t accept and you can read up on these in our author-related Envato Market information. Although we always like to provide
14. Individual terms: Items published on our website can not be or you are not allowed to sell it with an individual term or conditions to any customer. You can’t have a different description page and pricing model to sell the displayed product at various forums.
Payments method
Earnings payment:
15. You will be paid the item price after the return policy period if/any and after deducting the following charges mentioned in the retention of margin chart.
i. Platform charges. (As per the contract sheet).
ii. Product featuring charges. (If you have opted for).
iii. 3rd party promoter charges ( if you have opted for).
16. Minimum transfer of payment amount: you will be paid once your balance reaches 50USD or more & once in a month. On settlement you can send a mail to us for deducting 10% ( as service charges) we can settle your amount within 72 hours of your request received.
17. Stop payment: We have all the discretion to stop your payment till the customer issue is not resolved as agreed or any other reasons we deemed fit for the decision. We can forfeit all your payment if the charges are multidimensional and reasonably big enough due to international IP rights and policy.
17.Account set up & payment transfer Expenses :You have to bear all incidental expenses towards account set up and money transfer in to your transacting account.
19. Deductions policy:
  1. Buyers involve payment gateways & agents who have their own standard terms and conditions regarding refund policy, unauthorised transactions and few other reasons which are beyond our control. If we fall into the payment agents’ refund policy, additional fees or unauthorised transactions, we may automatically deduct those amounts from your balance account or keep a negative balance in your account in case of no balance for settling that from our future transactions.
  2. Breach of warranty clauses or copyright settlement if any, we may deduct amount from your account that we have to settle with someone as a result of your act.
  3. Errors in earlier payments made to your account if any and our auditor found an objection for any reasonable cause.
21. Currency conversions: payments will be made after prevailing conversion rates of the seller’s country. Base will be USD and INR.
22. Taxes:
  1. All Taxes will be calculated and collected from the customers will be paid to the authorities according to the international law and standards.
25. Invoices: We will issue invoices to customers for transactions.
26. Seller/copyright owner is bound to indemnify for all the warranty and responsibilities for the product sold by him/her:
  1. The product is fit for the purpose of sales & as per the sales page specification and must be of acceptable quality.
  2. The product must not contain viruses or other software computer codes, soft files or raw or not appropriate programs which are intentionally or un intentionally designed to limit or destroy the operation computer software or hardware used by the buyer or user.
  3. You must have to share the copyright if you are reseller or owner of that product.
  4. The product description must not be false, misleading, fraudulent, unlawful or defamatory;
  5. The product description and the product itself must not violate any applicable international law or regulations including export control laws, consumer protection acts, unfair competition acts, criminal law, pornography, anti-discrimination, fair trade practices etc.
  6. You have to will process a buyer’s personal information in accordance with applicable privacy law and data protection regulations.
27. If you deliver your items for FOC on our platform, then also the warranties apply to the person who downloads your item.
28. You indemnify the quality and quantity and services which you are liable  for each buyer of your items.
30. Buyers’ usage: We are not liable for any loss suffered by you as a result of a buyer or any other person making use of your item contrary to the Terms or the item’s license.
31. Affiliate usage : An affiliate can use thumbnail previews of your product in their promotion and no compensation is due for these uses. Suggest to use watermarked preview of your products
32. Our usage : Your product may be used as a whole or part to promote your product or our brand in various other media - This promotional use may include use in public relations, emails, on a features page, or on other sites (e.g. social networks). No compensation is payable for these uses unless we sell it.
33. Item removal: We reserve the right to remove aproduct for any reason, using our reasonable discretion, though we prefer to give you a notice before the item is removed, but this may not be always feasible, so we don’t guarantee this. We will not be responsible for any loss that you may suffer as a result of your item being removed.
Personal information
Special arrangements
Special deals and promotions
36. Sometimes to promote big volume sales as part of adding new business for sellers, you give us permission to negotiate special deals while agreed to our seller terms.
37. The prices of your products under the special deal may vary from the displayed price. Special deals &promotions, the seller amount may differ due to the nature of promotions.
38.Seller can opt out of participating in a special deal or promotional schemes within the given time frame and if you don’t do so, your product will be considered for the special deal or promotion.
40. Relationship between us:post agreeing to our seller contract, legally we are not entering into any kind of partnership, joint venture, employment or agency relationship or that kind.. However, you can consider us as holding your limited agency only for these specific product promotion purposes on our platform only:
  1. The buyer has all obligation to pay against buying your product for the item displayed and we only can transfer the payment as per the terms post received the payment from the buyer only deducting the lawful agreed amount or percentages as per this contract.
a member who makes items available for sale on
Seller fee
Is what you are charged by the platform to use its services for seller’s product.
Buyer fee:
The amount the platform claims for the services provided to the buyers for support, fraud protection, item quality control and other related services.
Product price:
The price a buyer pays for an item to the platform.
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