CRM Billing Software

Businessea offers a way to simultaneously manage projects, tasks and contacts/leads using one application. The CRM  tool can be used to create, schedule and assign tasks. Businessea lets you create and define workflows, moving tasks across multiple stages before completion. You can use the app to access important client information and to update lead details on-the-go, from any device. All your documents are securely stored within it, allowing you to send and share files to selected team members and clients.

With this, you can also manage your sales documents. The app allows you to create estimates, invoices, proposals, work orders and contracts. You can automatically apply tax rates and quantities to estimates and covert these to invoices in a few steps. Documents can be auto-filled and templates saved for future use. Further project management features include scheduling and calendar organization, with notifications on task progress, it also integrates with Calendar for further project organization.

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