E-kart Software

E-kart Software

E-commerce is the activity of buying or promoting of merchandise online offerings or over the net. Electronic trade draws on technology such as mobile trade, digital funds switch, supply chain management, net advertising, online transaction processing, digital facts interchange (EDI), stock control systems, and automated records collection structures.
Contemporary electronic commerce commonly uses the arena extensive web for at the least one part of the transaction's lifestyles cycle although it may additionally use different technologies such as email. Common e-commerce transactions encompass the acquisition of online books (along with Amazon) and tune purchases (song download in the form of virtual distribution together with iTunes shop), and to a much less volume, custom designed/customized online liquor save inventory offerings.[1] There are three areas of e-commerce: online retailing, electric powered markets, and online auctions. E-commerce is supported with the aid of digital business.
Product Features

·        Dashboard
·        Languages
·        Manufacturer
·        Categories
o   Categories
o   Sub categories
·        Products
o   Products
o   Product attributes
·        News
o   News categories
o   News
·        Customers
·        Tax / Location
o   Countries
o   Tax classes
o   Tax rates
o   Zones
·        Coupons
·        Notifications
o   Devices
o   Send notifications
·        Orders
·        Shipping methods
·        Payment methods
·        Reports
o   Low stock products
o   Out of stock products
o   Customer order total
o   Total purchase
o   Products like
·        Settings website
o   Constant banners
o   Slider images
o   Content pages
o   Themes
o   Seo content
o   Custom CSS / JS
o   Settings
·        General settings
o   Units
o   Product status
o   Facebook
o   Google
o   Push notifications
o   Alert settings
o   Settings
·        Manage admins
o   Admins
o   Manage roles
o   Categories roles

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