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Product Description

Our multi-vendor eCommerce market software platform will support you to build your online store where multiple vendors can sell through one single store. Be it customers (buyers), vendors (sellers), or store managers (site admins), anyone can use this multi-vendor eCommerce system incredibly at extreme ease. Merchants can control their dashboard individually to view and manage their products in a common area. The important technology of this software lets the site administrations take full control of handling sellers, have the track of the sales and set commissions rates on a flexible interface.
In addition to giants like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Snapdeal, marketplaces are everywhere around the world. Architecting and developing a marketplace will require more experienced e-commerce developers who can build feature-rich successful multi-vendor software platforms.
Let's take a brief look at its unique features & experience the advanced demo feature below.

Product Features
·         Dashboard
·         Vendors
o   Add Vendor
o   Manage Vendors
o   View Vendor Invoices
·         Customers
o   Add Customer
o   Manage Customers
·         Product Categories
o   Add Product Category
o   Manage Product Categories
·         Commission
o   Create Commission Rule
o   Manage Commission Rule
o   View Commission Details
·         Product
o   Add Product
o   Import Product(CSV)
o   Manage Product
o   Product Ledger
·         Global Discount
o   Create Global Discount
·         Manage Global Discussion
·         Products
§  Add product
o   Manage product
o   Add Product Brand
o   Manage Product Brands
·         Product Attribute Values
o   Create Attribute Values List
o   Manage Attribute Values List
·         Inventory
o   Manage Inventory
·         Bulk Upload
o   Categories
o   Products
·         Discount Coupons
o   Add Discount Coupons
o   Manage Discount Coupons
·         Orders
o   Manage Orders
·         Tickets
o   Create Ticket
o   My Tickets
o   Manage Tickets

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