Loan Management Software

Loan Management Software


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Product Description

Our Loan Management System has been designed to provide an over of all loan applications at any time so you can track the status of loans whether they are pending approval, approved, rejected, due, paid or even defaulted.
The loan applications can be flagged as per your internal processes and categories. This module is also used for rescheduling a loan, managing early payments or adding other loan products. Our clients use the loan management module to track whether the loan repayment is happening on time.
Product Features
·         Dashboard
·         Email panel
o   Send email
o   List email
·         Borrowers
o   New borrowers
o   List borrowers
·         My wallet
·         Loans   
o   New loans
o   List loans
·         Message
o   New message
o   Inbox message
o   Outbox message
·         Missed payment
·         Payments
o   New payment
o   List payment
·         Employee
o   New employee
o   List employee
·         Module permission
o   Module permission
o   Add permission
·         Savings account
o   Customers
o   Deposit money
o   Withdraw money
o   All transaction
·         General settings
o   Company setup
o   Sms gateway settings
o   Backup database
o   Logout 

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