E-Kart Management Software

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User id- test@test.com

Password- 123456

Product Description

ECommerce refers to any form of business transaction conducted online. The maximum famous instance of eCommerce is online shopping, that's defined as buying and promoting of goods through the net on any device. However, eCommerce can also entail other kinds of activities, which includes online auctions, charge gateways, online ticketing, and internet banking.

Product Features

·        Dashboard
·        Invoice
o   New Invoice
o   Manage Invoice
·        Pos invoice
·        Quotation
o   New Quotation
o   Manage quotation
·        Order
o   New order
o   Manage order
·        Product
o   Add product
o   Import product
o   Manage product
o   Product ledger
·        Customer
o   Add customer
o   Manage customer
o   Customer ledger
·        Supplier
o   Add supplier
o   Manage supplier
o   Supplier ledger
·        Purchase
o   Add purchase
o   Manage purchase
·        Category
o   Add category
o   Import category
o   Manage category
·        Brand
o   Add brand
o   Manage brand
·        Terminal
o   Add Terminal
o   Manage Terminal
·        Varient
o   Add variant
o   Manage variant
·        Unit
o   Add unit
o   Manage unit
·        Gallery
o   Add image
o   Manage image
·        Tax
o   Tax product service
o   Manage product tax
o   Tax setting
·        Currency
o   Add currency
o   Manage currency
·        Store
o   Store add
o   Manage store
o   Manage store
o   Store transfer
o   Manage store product
·        Warehouse
o   Warehouse add
o   Import warehouse
o   Manage warehouse
o   Warehouse transfer
o   Manage warehouse product
·        Stock
o   Stock report
o   Stock report (Supplier wise)
o   Stock report (Product wise)
o   Stock report (Store wise)
·        Bank
o   Add bank
o   Manage bank
·        Accounts
o   Create accounts

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