The backbone to retail success is an inventory management system powered by the smartest, most advanced technology starting with a powerful data center, smart analytics and agile end-user technology. CDW has both the expertise and the broad range of technologies required to orchestrate inventory management from locating the product, directing how it is distributed to locations and customers, to tracking units sold and replenishing inventory
1.       Home
a.       In Inventory
b.       Out Inventory
c.       Download
2.       Item list
a.       Add item
b.       View Barcode
c.       Download
d.       CSV Upload
3.       Invoice
a.       Inventory In  à view, edit, delete
b.       Inventory Out à view, edit, delete
c.       Purchase Transaction à Download
d.       Sales Transaction àDownload
4.       Damages
a.       Add
b.       Remove
c.       Download
5.       Supplier
a.       Add Supplier
b.       Download
6.       User
a.       Add User àmodify, reset, delete
b.       Adminàmodify, password, delete
7.       Setting
a.       Warehouse àAdd warehouse, Download CSV
b.       Categoryà Add category, Download CSV
c.       System settingàModify Settings

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