A simple to use Electronic Medical Record & Hospital Management software for Clinics and Clinical Software Chains. Browser based software deployed on your Local Area Network or the Cloud as per your need. Provide Accessibly, On Time and Patient Centric care with managed Workflow and Reminders.

 The key to a successful and well run medical practice is efficient and effective patient care. Medical practices are moving away from paper charts and moving towards electronic records and patient portals. Electronic Health Records (EHR) software is a digital file cabinet for patient charts – storing medical history, medications, lab results, treatment plans, and even patient billing information in a centralized database.

This report uses a unique algorithm that takes into account each product’s active customer count, active user count, and social presence. We define active customer as “organizations (practices, hospitals, etc.) that license the product”, and active users as “medical professionals who access the system (doctors, nurses, office staff, etc.).” When creating and updating the report, we reach out to every company listed in the Capterra EMR Software Directory and request the necessary information, regardless of their client status with Capterra. We also conduct independent research on all EMR companies that have at least one user review on Capterra.
1. Dashboard
a. Appointment
b. Patient
c. Doctor
d. Representative

   a. Add department
   b. Department list

   a. Add doctor
    b. Doctor list
       a. Add patient
        b. Patient list
      c. Add document
     d. Document list
5. Schedule
a. Add schedule
b. Schedule list
6. Appointment
a. Add appointment
b. Appointment list
c. Assign by all
d. Assign by doctor
e. Assign by representative
f. Assign to doctor
7. Prescription
a. Add insurance
b. Insurance list
c. Add patient case study
d. Patient case study list
e. Prescription list
8. Account manager
a. Add account
b. Account list
c. Add invoice
d. Invoice list
e. Add payment
f. Payment list
g. Report
h. Debit report
i. Credit report
9. Human resources
a. Add employee
b. Accountant list
c. Laboratory list
d. Nurse list

e. Pharmacist list
f. Receptionist list
g. Representative list
h. Case manager list
10. Bed manager
a. Add bed
b. Bed list
c. Bed assign
d. Bed assign list
e. Report
11. Noticeboard
a. Add notice
b. Notice list
12. Case Manager
a. Add patient
b. Patient list
13. Hospital Activities
a. Add birth report
b. Birth report
c. Add death report
d. Death report
e. Add Operation report
f. Operation report
g. Add Investigation report
h. Investigation report
i. Add medicine category
j. Medicine category list
k. Add medicine
l. Medicine list
14. Inquiry
15. Settings
a. App settings
b. Language settings
16. Messages
a. New message
b. Inbox
c. Sent
17. Mail
a. Send mail
b. Mail Setting

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