Workshop Management System is a Window-based automotive solution, designed for daily operations of your workshop from anywhere at anytime.
It is suitable for managing large numbers of vehicles and other workshop-related assets.
Workshop Management System includes all functions that you need to operate your automotive workshop. It is an all-inclusive, affordable and user-friendly software solution.
Save time and stay organised while improving your productivity as well as increasing operational efficiency of your business with our workshop management system!

A)DASHBOARD:Dashboard area you can found service amount of daily ,monthly,weekly.

B)SIDEBAR:In this area admin can do all mmodification.
a-New Services:Here you can find searchoption by plate number.

b-Opened Services:Here one can find job id,service Advisor,technician,customer,car,plate
no,started datenad status.

c-Request Inventory:All services available like opened services.

d-Drew-out Inventory

e-Completed Service

f-invoiced Services

g-Closed service

2-CAR:-You find your service car details also you can add new car for serices.

3-CUSTOMERS:-Here you can found all customer details like(name,nric,email,mobile,customer
group and edit ,delete etc).Also you can export
all the files .
4-MATERIAL:-Here you can find your all material details.

   a)Packages:Here you can see your package details with status.

   b)Tasks:Here you can see your task name nd status.

6-PROFIT & LOSS:-You can see your profit or loss date wise.

7-PURCHSE ORDER:You see your purchse order with date ,status .]

8:-SETTING:In this you can manage
      a)System setting:-Here you can mange your side.

       b)Payment Method

       c)Users:You can see your user details with reset password option

       d)Car Make:Car name with model and ststus.

       e)Customer Group:Here you find group name with discount percentage.

       f)Suppliers:You add new supplier and supplier list.

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