The system will meet the end-to-end operational requirements to provide comprehensive pharmacy services. Pharmacy management systems are a fully installed, maintained solution that eliminates much of the cost and end user maintenance for an enterprise pharmacy solution. 
  In today’s value-based reimbursement environment, health system and hospital pharmacies are working to become more efficient and reduce operating costs. With the increased complexity of today’s health care system, you need more than a one-size-fits-all approach to running your business and pharmacy management systems helps you manage and drive operational efficiencies via multiple paths and Achieve your business objectives.
  We provide you 3 user type login like;
    1-Super admin login
2-Admin login
3-Staff login
  Super Admin
=> Dashboard<=
->Create new pharmacy
     ->Create new pharmacy
Admin have this authority

  ->Sales today
  -> Expense today
  -> Staff
   ->Medicine list
   -> Add medicine
   ->Medicine category

=>All sales<=
  ->Add expense
  ->Expense category


  ->Sales today
  -> Expense today
  -> Medicine
=> POS
=> All sales
   -> Add expense
   ->Expense category
  ->Add expense

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